Bung a Bulldog

British Bulldog is of course a classic playground game involving a lot of running up and down the school playground whilst avoiding the one or two chosen to be the Bulldog/s - essentially just a modified version of Tag. It's more than likely either too much exercise or simply too much of a health and safety nightmare for most schools these days, so it's probably easier to get your Bulldog kicks from simple, harmless flash games. Enter Bung a Bulldog, an Mousebreaker flash game that plays out in pretty much the opposite way of what the title seems to indicate.

Rather than actually "bunging" or indeed tossing a bulldog over large distances as other games with these kinds of titles usually involve (see more launch games: www.launchgames.org), the gameplay of Bung a Bulldog may be a bit of a surprise to you. The aim is to collect as much cash as possible in order to send your Bulldog on a flight to go and become a doggy millionaire. The way you do this is to simply use the mouse, which upon contact with the money immediately collects it, accompanied by a sort of balloon-popping sound that rings out just so you know you've been successful.

Though the premise does sound remarkably simple, in practise you may be quite surprised at the pace of the game. You're tasked with collecting a cool £100,000 and each of the notes that appear on screen is worth £1000. When the round starts, money starts appearing in seemingly random patterns on the screen: some appears from the side in a linear fashion, moving straight across the screen; other notes appear on their own dotted around the screen; others are more well hidden so you have to be quite observant to get them.

What really makes the game all the more challenging is the fact that you have to snap up the money before it disappears. Time is of the essence here since the notes will either disappear off the side of the screen if they are moving that way or they will simply vanish, often before you can get to them. Collect £100,000 however and you'll be successful!

The Bulldog theme of the game isn't exactly intrinsic to the gameplay unlike a lot of casual dog games - think Petz Fashion or Dress Up Pups. After all, you could replace the Bulldog with any other kind of pet such as a cat, another breed of dog, or even a giraffe, gorilla, or pretty much anything, such is the nonsensical nature of the premise. The gameplay doesn't actually incorporate any kind of interaction or permeation of the Bulldog into the action - it's just a mouse-based collecting game at its core, though albeit quite an addictive one.

As for the graphics and sound efforts of Bung a Bulldog, they've made the game in their usual style. This involves fairly competent animation and illustration, though it's definitely on the basic side, even for this game developer. As for the sound, the theme music sort of fits in the with the dopey/dozy nature and look of the Bulldog on the screen. As far as the game being about Bulldogs however, it's not really the most relevant or active inclusion of the breed that you're likely to see, but then again it is one of the few Bulldog-centric flash games you're likely to encounter on the internet, and it is an enjoyable and addictive one at that.