About the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming  Trust

Bulldogs are an incredible friendly, patient, and courageous breed of dog, originally bred for controlling livestock as well as for the cruel sport of bull baiting but today enjoying the company of millions or responsible owners all  over the world. Unfortunately, there are some owners that are less than responsible and many more that are simply incapable of homing or taking care of their Bulldogs. That's where the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust comes in, providing above all else a rescue service that gives neglected or uncared-for Bulldogs the chance to be re-homed.

Bull Dog

About the Trust

The Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust consists largely of staff that volunteer their time in order to offer Bulldogs the opportunity to be rescued from neglectful and harmful circumstances, with view to re-homing the rescued Bulldogs through their website as well as over the phone during the hours provided on the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust website. The trust isn't a dog's home and doesn't provide an animal shelter service. Instead, it helps with the transition of purebred Bulldogs from rescuing to re-homing, staying in contact with the owners of the dog to ensure its health and well-being in the long term.

Why Bulldogs Need the Trust

Most people that think of a rescue dog will conjure up images of neglected, starving Bulldogs that have been severely mistreated, and while the trust of course does encounter these horrifying situations on rare occasions, the majority of the cases involve less deliberate circumstances. In fact, many of the Bulldogs that are rescued and re-homed by the trust are simply unfortunate enough to get caught up in circumstances often beyond the owners' control. Divorce/separation, new children, or drastic change in circumstances on the owners' part are much more common reasons for the re-homing of these otherwise cared-for animals.

The Process

Once the need for rescue has been expressed to the trust (you can go to the Rehome Your Bulldog section of the website for this) then the process begins. Though it is fully detailed on the website, the process essentially involves one of the volunteers from the trust visiting the owners of the Bulldog and discussing in full detail the process in full.

Once a new home has been found/selected for the dog, all the necessary background checks and requirements are taken into consideration. Only when the trust feels the Bulldog has been found a safe and permanent home will the dog be officially re-homed.

The trust only deals with purebred Bulldogs as recognised by The Kennel Club


While most of the staff at the trust work on a voluntary basis, the process of rescuing and re-homing a dog is of course one that can be costly not only of time but of actual money as well. The money comes from fund raising events that the trust organises as well as generous donations from the general public and of course adoption fees as well. Without this financial support, the trust wouldn't be able to function at the level that it does. You should visit the Donate Now page in order to make a contribution if you so wish.

The Website

As far as resources on all things Bulldog go, the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust website is an extremely valuable platform that every Bulldog owner should really take a look at, even if you're not planning on re-homing your Bulldog. The website has a variety of different sections that include general information about the breed as well as sections that help people who are actually looking for a puppy or fully-grown dog to adopt as without these people there would be no way of properly re-homing the dogs.

Information about the main kennel on the website is currently scarce because the page is still under construction, but on the whole the website it easy to navigate and contains all the information anyone could ever wish for on Bulldog care, the locating of a Bulldog to re-home, and what to do if you need to re-home your Bulldog.

Perhaps most importantly for many people is the section of the website called the "Breeder's Page", which allows you to locate breeders that support the trust. It is extremely important that when buying a Bulldog you go to a registered and experienced breeder rather than simply looking on websites like Gumtree as with these kinds of advertisement websites you can never be sure whether the information on them is true or whether the person you're buying the dog from is legitimate.